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Platform 2016

A new commissions platform arrived in 2016 as the central element of Deptford X's new core programme. Five emerging artists were selected from a shortlist of nominations by a panel of curators, critics and gallerists. Deptford X commissioned these five artists to produce a substantial new public work for the festival. Please click on the links to read more about the artists and their commissions in 2016.

Joey Holder

Crypt at St Nicholas’ Church, Deptford Green, SE8 3BU

Joey Holder’s new film, Ophiux, imagines a near future in which human biology is computer programmed and technology is used to advance human evolution and increase life expectancy. Ophiux is the name of a speculative pharmaceutical company that samples and maps information from the furthest regions of the natural world, utilising it to generate new forms of life. Holder's digitised explorations of artificial and organic forms create a layered, hybrid world that remains elusive through its constant transformation.

Watch the trailer for Ophiux

Manuel Mathieu

Mathieu was born in Haiti and is currently completing an MFA at Goldsmiths. He was nominated by curator Fatos Üstek. Manuel Mathieu’s paintings question the language of ‘the real’: his raw investigation manifests through layers lingering between the abstract and the figurative. With his work he is interested in a continuous flow of transformations and changeable environments that destabilise our perception of images and the self, and disrupt the possibility of the stable interpretation of contexts.

Berry Patten

Berry Patten presents a new work, and through the roof we hit the ceiling, as a site-specific response to Deptford X Gallery, which occupies the ground floor of a residential development.

Boarding up the windows and installing fictional property guardians, she calls our attention to the fluid and contested nature of space in London: how we use it, trade it, desire it and defend it.

Johann Arens

Shopfitters Express, 489 New Cross Rd, SE14 6TQ

SelfCalibration is an in-store installation by Johann Arens at Shopfitters Express: a local business offering interior lighting, touchscreen tills and barcode systems. The work seamlessly integrates a new series of screen-based sculptures into the site, to review the role of mobile interfaces and the desire to touch artefacts. 

Takeshi Shiomitsu

Unit D, Norfolk House, 9 Brookmill Road, SE8 4HL

Takeshi Shiomitsu presents Layout (array), a mixed-media installation that explores unresolved tension between humans and the technological systems which control our immediate climate. He sees the relationship between these systems in terms of ‘intra-action’ – a dynamic process of mutual constitution between entangled objects. The project is part of a wider ongoing investigation into whiteness, neutrality and repetition.