Deptford X Festival Blog #3 Takeshi Shiomitsu

Takeshi Shiomitsu has shared some videos that have influenced his work for his Platform 2016 commission for Deptford X. His technological installation in an empty shop unit at Norfolk House on Brookmill Road, Layout (Array), draws attention to the unfinished nature of the space, in contrast with the poised and careful arrangement of objects. Shiomitsu writes:

I find it hard to write about what I'm trying to do when I'm making art. Usually when I make something I'm trying not to talk about it. I made something for Deptford X this past weekend –it was the only time I had that I wasn't at work. I put together this list of videos last week while I was trying to figure out how to frame an artwork that I hadn't made yet. It's quite broad. It's a list of talks, sounds and images which have stuck in my head, been useful or important to the way I've been thinking in recent months. I hope, at least, that they point you in some interesting directions.