Deptford X announces new visual identity for the 2016 festival

Deptford X are thrilled to introduce you to the new graphic visual identity for the 2016 festival, designed by Josie Tucker and Richard Ashton. The designs have been printed as double-sided A3 posters and will be distributed at the beginning of August, and will be implemented across our websites and a printed map, released at the beginning of September. 

Each poster represents the two programme strands that have come to define Deptford X. The designs riff on our historic logo – the X that marks the spot. The X on the Platform 2016 creates depth with a 3D element that hints at the platform it represents, and the X on the Fringe poster is expanded into a map-like formation that represents the active seeking-out of fringe projects as you find your way around Deptford during the festival.