Curatorial Opportunity for DX Gallery

DX Gallery is offering an opportunity to install a show in our gallery in Deptford for free. This incredible opportunity is for a curator or curatorial group to realise experimental public works or an ambitious project within a lengthy shop-window style gallery that is viewable to the public 24/7. Suitable candidates will be not-for-profit projects exploring contemporary art practice, proposing a temporary but critically engaged visual project. We are looking for fully-formed proposals, which take into account the unique nature of the space.

We are offering a fee-free utilisation of the space to a curatorial project, on a break-even basis. The proposed show will not be included as part of the Deptford X programme but is instead an opportunity for an ambitious emerging curator to programme an exhibition, with potential for associated events, crits, and workshops. Exact dates are negotiable but please note that ‘SLAM Fridays’ operate on the last Friday of the month and we recommend that you hold a special event on this evening to garner extra audience.

As Deptford X is a charity running on limited funding, all costs involved in the day-to-day running of the space must be taken into consideration by potential candidates; such as exhibitions requiring a lot of electricity. Please see our terms and conditions for details.

Specifications of the available space:

The gallery is fully glazed on one side and the full 20-metre length faces out on to Brookmill road. It is located very close to Deptford Bridge Station, and within 5 minutes walk of Deptford or New Cross Stations, with excellent access to East and Central London.

Benefits include:

  • Promotion of the event through Deptford X newsletter
  • Unlimited access to the space throughout the exhibition period
  • Lockable gallery space that can be viewed 24/7 from the road
  • Is a platform for young, emerging curators to create a show within a gallery environment and build networks and relationships with artists and audiences.

For more information and how to apply, please download the terms & conditions and the application form. Please contact with any enquiries or completed application forms.

Please note that we are operating a rolling deadline for this round of the curatorial open call, and we advise submitting proposals for shows within 3-6 months of the proposal submission date. Because of limited resources we cannot offer feedback to unsuccessful applicants.



Established in 1998, Deptford X is one of the UK's longest-established festivals of contemporary visual art. In 2015 we opened new headquarters on Brookmill Road, with purpose-built Studios, Gallery, and Project Space. The festival runs annually for ten days at the end of September and beginning of October. This year we are trialling a new curatorial direction for the Festival, to support emerging artists realise their work, with an exciting array of dynamic Fringe projects that will run independently during the festival dates. ‘DX’ is a way for us to expand our cultural offering in Deptford outside of this limited timeframe and we want to extend the use of this exciting new space to curatorial projects in an affordable and sustainable way.

DX Gallery runs alongside the pavement at the northern end of Brookmill Road, which connects Deptford Bridge with Lewisham, and is lined with queueing traffic almost constantly each day. The gallery is designed primarily to be experienced from the street and in certain respects resembles a shop window. Poised between these very different kinds of sites, neither one thing nor the other, it poses an unusual and exciting challenge to the artist and curator. The shape and location of the gallery binds it to the street (mirroring its space) and its inhabitants; unlike a conventional gallery space it is not removed and cloistered but exposed to the outside world. Like a shop window it calls for the attention of passers-by and invites their engagement.

The gallery sits on the site of the old Seager Distillery and faces Carrington House, which was built in Deptford in 1903 as a Lodging House by London County Council, providing affordable accommodation for 800 single working men; by the time it closed in the 1980s it was partly used as a hostel for temporarily housing homeless people, but there were many long-term residents who had lived there for decades. Seager Evans and Co. (established 1805) was a London-based wine and spirits company. They specialised in distillation of gin, and their most famous product was Seagers Gin. In 1922 the distillery was moved to this site in Deptford and remained in use until the 1970s.