Deptford X Fringe 2016

Deptford X Fringe.jpg
“You have to let people do what they want. Goodwill is created by offering opportunities to artists and destroyed by weeding out the ‘not so hot’ ones... My advice is to include everyone”

— Hijack Reality, Bob & Roberta Smith 2008

In 2016 Deptford X piloted a new approach to its long-established fringe event. Returning to its original, unjuried form, its format returned to an open programme strand for independent projects, supported and facilitated - but not controlled - by Deptford X*. 

Deptford X Fringe showcases the work of locally-based talent through an open call that invites artists to come and install work in Deptford. In the past we've had art occupying shop windows, libraries, roundabouts, public walls, railway arches, and pubs. No nook or cranny is left unfilled.

*The Edinburgh Festival Fringe was founded in 1947 when eight theatre groups turned up uninvited to perform at the newly formed Edinburgh International Festival. It was unjuried, with no selection committee, and any type of performance could participate.


2016 Fringe Awards

The Lewisham Arthouse Award

A panel made up of members of the Arthouse co-operative selected Soft Wax's mural Action Time mural at Wünderlust in association with Deptford Does Art as the work they found most ambitious, outstanding and original. The selected project will be given full use of Lewisham Arthouse's project space for two weeks in Spring 2017

The Deptford X Fringe Award

A panel made up of the Deptford X team and trustees and last year’s prizewinners SALSAROSA selected Lucie Kordakova and Karolina Mikeskova for their project 'Watching a strange theatre', in association with Old Tidemill Garden and presented at Deptford Cinema, as the winner of the prize this year. They will receive a Bob and Roberta Smith limited edition print and an exhibition at Deptford X Gallery, to take place in 2017. 

The Arch Deptford Award

Thanks to a generous donation from Arch Materials, the Deptford X panel awarded Amanda Knight with a £100 gift voucher, for her exhibition at Crossfield Studios.