LewisTV 4 Luisham People's Day

As the Saying Goes: LewisTV 4 Luisham People’s Day

LuisTV will be broadcasting live at Lewisham People’s Day!

Take part as LuisTV broadcasts live from Lewisham People’s Day, whether you’re at the festival or watching online. 

Luis Ignacio Rodriguez won the Deptford X Fringe prize in 2014 for his ‘dancing builder’ on a roof next to Deptford train station, and returned to the festival in 2015 with a festival-long performance; broadcasting live clips and reportage in his own unique way whilst visiting all the projects and venues at the festival. With episodes like Luis Makes Art, Learning a Language, Cooking with Luis, Drawing with Luis, Luis Sings, Exercise with Luis, LTV News, Luis Reads, Luis Dances or Luis meets, this artist’s curious, childlike nature makes for entertaining yet informative viewing. 

LuisTV will be roaming around People’s Day all day in his customised hi-vis jacket, broadcasting his playful and irreverent ‘episodes’, featuring the most exciting things going on at this fabulous free family festival. They’ll be available to watch live: watch out for links on twitter in real-time on the day. They will also be available to watch via www.vimeo.com/luistv after the event.

If you can’t find LuisTV roaming around, then head to the bandstand for 3.15 where Luis will be presenting ‘As the Saying Goes’. Send in your favourite sayings - whatever language they originate from - and watch as Luis dissects the strangeness of language in a partly improvised stand-up routine on the bandstand from 3.15-4pm. As a non-native English speaker, he is sure to have an interesting take on the sayings we take for granted.