Art Action UK 2017 Residency: YUMI SONG

Place as an extension of body - linking London and Fukushima

AAUK would like to present the 2017 residency project winner - artist and curator Yumi Song. The 2017 residency will feature an exhibition and a series of events taking place at DX event space throughout May and June:

26th May 6-9 pm: Launch of Exhibition Private View

7-8pm Artist Talk: Place as an extension of body-a case of Fukushima

27th May 12-6 pm: Exhibition Open to public

2nd June 12-6pm:  Exhibition Open to public

4-6pm: Discussion event (speakers TBC): “Place as an extension of body - artists and cultural agendas

3rd June 12-6pmExhibition Open to public

4-6pm:   Yumi Song in conversation with artist Kaori Homma: “Place as an extension of body identities in crisis

It is estimated that the Earth's axis shifted by 6.5 inches in 2011, following the Great East Japan Earthquake. And there has been a subsequent political shift - for the people of Japan, including Fukushima and the surrounding area, the world has changed.  Yumi Song is an artist and an independent curator who has been directly involved in cultural responses to the earthquake, and Fukushima Nuclear disaster.  In 2013 and 2014, she directed an art festival in Tsuchiyu-onsen, just outside of the evacuation zone in Fukushima. Song describes it as a success but explains that it also highlighted the complexities of ‘post-Fukushima’ Japan.  AAUK is hoping to generate questions around identity through questioning perceptions of people and place, moving away from mainstream media representations to develop more nuanced and engaged ways of seeing and thinking. By thinking of place as an extension of body, Song links Fukushima and London, asking us to critically reflect on the fragmentation of social and political affiliations, and the proliferation of borders, boundaries and exclusion zones. Together with Yumi Song, we hope that audiences will consider the multilayered and complex social relations in Fukushima and beyond, to a world that has shifted.