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SALT. magazine – issue #9 launch – The Furies

SALT. Magazine is a contemporary art and feminism journal based in London. On 1st March please join us to celebrate the launch of our 9th issue, themed 'The Furies'. The Furies are femme spirits of justice and vengeance, their names are Endless, Punishment and Jealous Rage.

The Furies, who can never be adequately formalised, differing in number and name, being both women and at once a storm cloud or swarm of insects, will act as a entry point into discussions of contemporary embodiment and rage. In this issue we turn to writing and artworks that use frustration or shame to boil up and out of oneself, becoming animal or becoming monster. 

Join us for an evening of readings and performances from Jessica Worden, Dyveke Bredsdorff, Morgan Potts, Alex Quicho and the collective Erinyes.

Dyveke Bredsdorff is currently studying for a Masters at the Slade. Dyveke works within sound, video, text, printmaking, drawing and sculpture.

Erinyes is a collective of women artists investigating a range of aspects of sound in relation to space, atmosphere and absence of the image. Erinyes acts as a platform to bring together artists to explore multi-vocality, rhythm, time, formal and informal speech, narrative and noise, used both as material and inspiration. Current contributors are Jenna Bliss, Jenna Collins, Marina Elderton, Hannah Catherine Jones, Adrianna Palazzolo, Diana Policarpo, Cara Tolmie, Nicola Woodham (UK, USA, CA, PT) 

Morgan Potts is a writer, non-binary trans activist, and artist. He's a queer transsexual anarchist (there is no escaping them; they are all around you). He likes bikes and plants and science fiction.

Alex M.F. Quicho is a writer and cultural researcher in London. Born in Boston and raised in Manila, she writes about identity, futures, and soft power in art and design.

Jessica Worden is an artist and writer who works across disciplines, combining poetics, image-based media and sound in publications and live performance. She explores overlaps in pleasure, trauma and historical lore from a queer feminist perspective and considers how these impact perceptions of precarity, femininity and mental health. 

Image credit - The Infernal Ones - Georgia Haire

Magazine contributors: Alex M.F. Quicho, Candice Lin, Caspar Heinemann, Deirdre Canavan, Enzo Camacho & Amy Lien, Erin Eck, Erinyes, Georgia Haire, H.P. Parmley aka human pony, Hannah Regel, Jala Wahid, Jessica Worden, Mali Collins-White, Mariana Portela Echeverri, Morgan Potts, Rebecca Ackroyd, Rhoda Boateng, Sisters Uncut, Stacy Skolnik, Taisia Kitaiskaia & Katy Horan, Thea Smith, Yessica Klein

This is a free event, no need to book.

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