Tom Ireland: The Heavens (still), 2016.

Tom Ireland: The Heavens (still), 2016.

Deptford X Festival 2017

The 19th annual Deptford X festival will consolidate and build on the ambitious new curatorial framework that we successfully piloted in 2016. At its heart are two programmes which together give the festival its unique character: Platform 2017, a set of five commissions for emerging artists in public space, and Fringe 2017, our open programme of independent projects. The Platform programme puts radically ambitious art and public engagement at the centre of the festival; it also supports the development of five carefully selected emerging artists. Deptford X will also present special projects and a wide range of learning and engagement activities.

Festival programmes will take place over 10 days in a wide range of public sites and spaces; many projects will engage audiences in active and unexpected ways. 

Programme Details

The Platform 2017 artists are Evan Ifekoya, Project O, Sam Austen, Sisters from Another Mister, and Tom Ireland. They have been carefully selected from a shortlist of nominations by a panel of art world experts. These are Attilia Fattori Franchini, Haroon Mirza, Heather Phillipson, Legacy Russell, and Richard Parry.

The Deptford X Fringe is an open programme strand for independent projects, facilitated and supported – but not curated – by Deptford X. It runs in parallel with the core programme, and is a celebration of the long-standing creative communities based in Deptford. We are currently inviting artists, curators and local venues to propose projects for the Fringe, and will be accepting proposals until 23 July 2017. The submission criteria are available via the website

Evan Ifekoya, A Net Made of Individual Knots, install view, photo by Eden Hawkins, 2017

Evan Ifekoya, A Net Made of Individual Knots, install view, photo by Eden Hawkins, 2017

Evan Ifekoya

Evan Ifekoya’s current work investigates the possibility of an erotic and poetic occupation using film, performative writing and sound, focused on co-authored, intimate forms of knowledge production and the radical potential of spectacle. Their ongoing project 'A Score, A Groove, A Phantom' explores archives of blackness, sociality and inheritance as they diffract through queer nightlife and trauma in the present moment.  Ifekoya is an Arts Foundation Fellow in Live Art for 2017. 

Project O

Project O is a collaboration between Alexandrina Hemsley and Jamila Johnson-Small.

They look to the body as a site of politics, considering the tangible yet often ignored impact of a colonial history in the UK today, and the tendency towards fetishisation, exoticisation and fear of the other. The work intends to expose some of the structural workings of racism and misogyny and their impact on bodies, sparking debate and pushing for conversations about how to live with agency - and a sense of a future - amongst these painful and uncomfortable histories.

Project O have made dances for the stage (O), performative interventions in public space (Be Your Black Girlfriend), choreographies for bodies that are not their own (SWAGGA), a performance lecture (Benz Punany), a school (The New Empowering School) and a publication (A Contemporary Struggle). They are currently working on the 8-hour show Voodoo and a series of site-responsive short works, Native Instincts:Psychic Labours.

Project O are currently residents at Somerset House Studios, Associate Artists at Dance Research Studios and were awarded the Artsadmin Artist Bursary in 2014.

Sam Austen, Somehow Eaten in the Dark, film still.

Sam Austen, Somehow Eaten in the Dark, film still.

Sam Austen

Sam Austen, (b. 1986, London) graduated in 2017 from the Royal Academy of Arts, and previously studied at Chelsea College of Art and Design. Primarily he produces 16mm films that utilise a range of in-camera multi-layered special effects, shooting an array of studio-built objects, material and texts. Early animated cinema, graphic novels, horror film, and science fiction are particular influences on his work. Recent shows include Drawing Biennial 2017, The Drawing Room, London (2017), Let's Get Inside Everything, MilMa, London, UK (2015), Such Animals, Paradise Row, London (2014), A Cool Drink to Cheek, Plaza Plaza, London (2014). In 2009 Sam Austen was awarded the ACME Studio Prize Chelsea.

Sisters from Another Mister

Sisters From Another mister is a jointly authored artistic identity of Milda Lembertaitė (’87,Klaipėda, Lithuania) and Amelia Prazak (‘87, Vira Gambarogno, Switzerland). As a collective, they work with a free-wheeling practice employing gender play, witty sculptural forms, musical interludes and video works. Humorous scenarios function as a pretext for more complex personal and public topics and critical positions. Their approach to technology is a bodily and emotional one: the use of video as an extension of the physical self. Recent exhibitions include: 5 Proposals (HGB Gallery, Leipzig, Germany, 2017) I am the grass beneath my feet (Chalton Gallery, London, UK, 2017); X (The Sonnenstube, Lugano, Switzerland, 2016); Perímetro: Cine Expandido (Centro de Cultura Digital, Mexico City, Mexico, 2016); Why Are Carrots Orange? (Hotel Maria Kapel, Hoorn, Netherlands, 2016); Rahmen des FESTIVAL (Schwarzwaldallee, Basel, Switzerland, 2016)

Tom Ireland

Spanning a variety of different media, Ireland’s practice is centred around broad notions of space, distance and the things which fill it. He is interested in what these things are, both physically and ideologically, and how they operate within the world and shape our individual and collective understanding. Tom Ireland (b.1984) is an artist living and working in Blackpool, UK. 

Recent exhibitions and projects include: Actuality Picture / The Magic Lantern, titledateduration, Manchester, UK (SOLO); THE HEAVENS / Arebyte LASER, London, UK (SOLO); The Manchester Contemporary 2016 / with Object / A Gallery, Manchester, UK; MEANS / UNIT Projects, Blackpool, UK (GROUP); The Kármán Line / Object/A, Manchester, UK (w/ Michael Mulvihill and Matthew Denniss) (GROUP); Modern History Vol.2 (Curated by Lynda Morris) / The Atkinson, Southport, UK (GROUP); The Manchester Contemporary 2015 / with Object / A Gallery, Manchester, UK